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Anxiety and the Artist was created in response to the challenges I saw artists facing from working for 20+ years in the industry. As a director, I tell stories for a living, and I wanted to facilitate a conversation where established artists could share their stories while challenging the way we discuss and address mental health in the arts. I also wanted the insight and expertise of mental health professionals, so I’ve invited psychologists, therapists and social workers who have a background in the arts to join in on the conversation as well.

We’re addressing the universality of anxiety, as well as other mental health challenges, and what roles its has played in our lives and our work.  Most importantly we’re discussing what tools we’ve found effective for dealing with and combating anxiety…and we’re having a little fun while we’re at it.


Welcome to Anxiety and the Artist.


Allison Sheff is a Director, Writer and Creative Leader. She began her career as a performer, working in New York and Regional theater, as well as doing an extensive amount of commercial work. She also worked as a Children’s Guardian on Broadway, serving as an artistic liaison between professional child actors, the creative team and management on 12 Broadway shows.

Allison has held leadership positions in arts management and organization, marketing, college administration and community outreach.


These experiences have informed and inspired her to examine the relationship that artists have with anxiety.

To discover more about Allison, the director:

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